Saturday, July 22, 2006


Missed this one with the other "blushing beauties" - Tomande, a hybrid with Marmande as a parent.

Second handful of cherry tomatoes didnt survive 10 minutes off the vine today. Posted by Picasa If last year is an indication, there will be a handful every few days, then kaboom - big platters full.

Today's "puttering meditation" involved tying up tomato vines; pruning extra shoots ("suckers"). The 3 remaining 1-year old ginkgo seedlings (pictured elsewhere) - are in new soil - they were looking puny, s. Their roots are minimal, but so is the top growth. One of the fast-growing Hardy Chicago fig trees is in a larger pot now so that it is less likely to overheat in the August sun. A nonproductive gooseberry (3rd year, almost no berries - not enough room for that kind of performance - or is it poor-form-ance - here) is now finding a new role as a layer in the compost bin.

It's too hot today for the dogs - they are laying around looking weary. Keeping them in the house where it's cooler, plenty of water.

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