Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Planting Potatoes and Onions. 3.1.17

First Potatoes Planted.  3.1.17
 The first batch of potato starts looked like they are sprouted enough to plant, so here they are.  I'm growing them in the ground the conventional way, and will hill up soil around the plants as they grow.  It's a bit wet outside.  Soil temp is 50F.

I also planted the first of my home-started onion seedlings.  The most sturdy were Ailsa Craig.  Germination was not great,  but there will be enough to see how they do.

The onion sets that I bought were in a plastic package.  I was unable
Ailsa Craig Onion Seedlings.  3.1.17
 to see inside the package until I opened it.  Many were already sprouted.  I prefer that they not be so far along before planting, but here they are.
Store-bought Onion Sets.  3.1.17

So the first of the onions are planted.   Meanwhile, the mesculn and arugula have germinated in their raised beds, the Chinese chives are growing nicely after I divided and replanted them, and ditto for the batch of Egyptian Walking Onions that I divided and replanted for early scallions. The garden is moving along nicely.

Early Growth of Divided Egyptian Walking Onions.  3.1.17

Early Growth of Chinese Chives.  3.1.17

Arugula Seedlings.  3.1.17


  1. Hope your potatoes don't rot. I've made that mistake before--planting them too early. They say St. Joseph's Day is when to plant them (March 19?).
    I think I mentioned I have pea sprouts popping up in my soil pan sitting on my wood burner. Another few days before harvesting.

    1. We'll see what happens. I have planted earlier in other years, but every year is different. Last year was warmer and dryer. This year is historic rain. If they rot, I'll plant something else there. Hope those pea sprouts are good! Mine are not growing yet outside. The test sprouts inside grew in a few days.

  2. Chinese chives is the best when someone gifted them to you. Its a lot of effort to sprout the seeds. It should be divided every few yrs so they don't get over crowded like irises. My other half loved them which makes good dumplings and stir in a big bunch, chopped up into a big omelette. They are the best when its cold and damp outside. The flower buds fetch a premium price in china-town, somewhere from $4.99 and up per lb.

    1. Being best when someone gives them to you, I think that's true for every plant. Or if it has a story, or came from a family member or friend.

      I've never eaten the Chinese chive flower buds. They bloom like crazy, so I should try. The leaves are growing like gangbusters, so I hope we'll have dumplings from them soon. They are my favorite too. And it is cold and damp outside, so perfect!