Sunday, March 19, 2017

Home Orchard Society Scion Exchange 3.19.17

Today the Portland area Home Orchard Society had a scion exchange / propagation fair event in Clackamas, Oregon. I helped some with the set up yesterday, and again helped a bit with the event today. It was a lot of fun. Lots of people, especially home orchard nerds like me. I brought some handfuls of scion from my own trees - mostly the persimmons - to add to the already massive amounts. Naturally, now I have some more grafting to do, and did that this afternoon. I'll list the scions later.
2017 Home Orchard Society Propagation Fair.  3.19.17

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  1. Wow, your exchange's well attended! The grafting folks kind of looked the same, wear the same kind of cloths where ever they are:-)
    Looks like scions are in buckets. Ours all in plastic Zip locks. I prefer your method but there's always a chance of mistakenly sticking the scion into the wrong bucket then woe is me. Your exchange is rather late. I guess most tree is still dormant in your area and you don't have to store the scion so long in the fridge like I did.
    Its so much fun, I really look forward to go there every yr and it feels like Christmas. Everyone is so excited and happy.