Saturday, January 14, 2017

Seed Order. 1.14.16

The seed order from Territorial Seed Co. came today.  Makes me anxious to dig.  The foot of snow and temps in the teens, makes that a bid difficult.  I can, and did, plant the Patterson storage onion seeds indoors, same method as for others.  I've been saving milk cartons, cut to about 5 inches deep and drilled drainage holes.

The first of the Ailsa Craig seeds, planted 1/7/16, germinated.  So that's one week for the fastest among them.


  1. You are going gang buster this yr on tomato. I've order a lot of seeds from Territorial, there were a whole package that never germinate. So I'll be hesitated to order from them again. They do have some rare seeds and the pricing is pretty good.

  2. Lance, thanks for the heads up about nonsprouting seeds. We'll see how mine do! I like Territorial because they seem to have a Northwest focus as far as things that grow in this climate, cool springs, shorter cooler summers than some parts of the country. My favorite catalog and seed source, by far, is Baker Creek at, but Territorial offers some things that Baker Creek doesn't, such as some hybrids.