Friday, January 27, 2017

Onion Seedlings. 1.27.17

Onion Seedlings.  1.27.17
The onion seedlings are looking pretty good.  At first I thought germination was not adequate, but they appear to have filled in over the past 2 weeks.  These are on a seedling mat, and under fluorescent lights.

I am also testing some hot pepper seeds, obtained from a package of dried peppers at the Chinese grocery store.  Those are very hot peppers, variety unknown but of the Thai type.


  1. They look like an early start. I started my Kohlrabi and I try to take them outside to get acclimated but they show signs of dampening off so I have to take them back in. I see plums flowering and I think grafting time is soon here. But still too early to sow outside. Your onions ready to plant outside?

    1. I think they could be planted outside. I think they can wait a few weeks, too. Which is good, because the bed isn't ready yet.