Thursday, February 11, 2016

What's blooming. 2.11.16

Epiphyllum NOID cactus in bud.  2.11.16

Helleborus.  2.11.16
 In february there isn't much blooming here.

In the sunroom, an epiphyllum I picked up for a dollar or two, a couple of years ago at Home Depot.  I didn't know or expect for it to bloom, but there are the flower buds.

Some of the Epiphyllum orchids are blooming in the sunroom.

Helleborus are blooming around the yard.  This one was a volunteer seedling I moved last year from the old yard.
Dendrobium.  2.11.16

Dendrobium.  2.11.16


  1. my orchids are spiking right now. My pink Epiphyllum bloom is fully opened. Helleborus is one of the most awesome blooming plant, shade loving and totally carefree. I've 2 colors, one is green and the other one is pinkish green. The foliage is very ornamental too. No pest here.

  2. Even though I sort of gave up paying attention to my orchids, they continue to survive and grow and make beautiful flowers. They are much less demanding than I originally thought. Around here, Cymbidiums and Yamamoto Dendrobiums do the best for me.