Thursday, February 04, 2016

Planting Final Fruit Tree Shipment. 2.4.16

Tree Shipment.  Burnt Ridge.  2.4.16

Pawpaw Roots in Airpot.  2.4.16
This was the final tree shipment.  I still have some berrries en route.  This year I planted more than any previous year. Probably enough for a lifetime.

These were from Burnt Ridge Nursery.  All of the trees had amazingly full root systems, intact and healthy appearing.

The pawpaw was interesting.  This pawpaw was taller than any prior purchase.  It was grown in an open-bottom container, which results in a more branched, less wind-around root sustem.  Very nice roots.  I think this tree will be a year ahead of any pawpaw I've planted in the past.

All are planted now.

Allegheny pawpaw, Winecrisp  apple, Sam cherry, Aromatnaya quince. 


  1. Pawpaws, the "Indiana banana". I never really liked the taste or texture of them. As the old cliche goes, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  2. When did you put in your order? I just put in mine maybe I'll miss my grafting time when they finally want to ship my order:-(

  3. Randy, maybe those just werent good pawpaws? I hope I get some this year from my 4 year old trees. They are an unknown here.

    Lance I put this order in last fall. I hope they ship to you soon.

  4. Daniel, I can tell you are not working this week. Good!!! Each day you get your hands dirty you will feel better!