Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fruit Tree from BiMart for $12.88. 1.28.15

Ranier Cherry Tree, Bare Root.  1.28.16
 This was a surprise.  I went to BiMart to buy a pocket knife for grafting.  There were bare-root trees in front of the store, all marked at $12.88.  The varieties were standards, nothing cutting edge or exotic, and very limited selection.  For that price, what can you ask?  I have been wanting to add a Ranier Cherry to the Battleground orchard, by grafting another tree from the one in Vancouver.  Which is way, way to big to think about moving.  At this price, I can start over with a new tree.  Cherries grow fairly fast, and this will likely produce as soon as the tree I was trying to top work and now has some sort of fungal issue.

Roots of Ranier Cherry Tree.  1.28.15

The roots are as good as a lot of mail-order trees that go for $20 or $30 or more, and s good as a lot of container trees that are just bare-root or balled-and-burlapped trees that are stuck into some compost and sold as garden-ready.


  1. Hi Daniel,
    Do you know what kind of root stock you got on that cherry?
    I think my cherry got some fungal disease and is dying. All the graft which took last yr. have died. Now only the main trunk is still alive but maybe the total tree will be a lost. I only have 1 cherry and cherry is uncommon in my area maybe for a good reason. I hope your tree will do fine and they are so easy to graft and fun to have around. The foliage is amazing in the fall. I think I will miss that the most.

  2. Lance, sorry about your cherry tree. Bummer to have grafts die. I don't like that either.

    The $12.88 tree was not labeled as far as rootstock. It said "semidwarf" which could mean various things. I figured for the price, I couldn't be to choosy.

  3. Cherry is one tree I'll never grow again. I've had my fill, growing up with them. When my last one died, I said "good riddance"! Not only do I hate pitting them, but I don't even like their taste! But that's not to wish you bad luck, Daniel!