Monday, January 25, 2016

Daylily Seedlings. Looking Sad. 1.24.16

Daylily Seedlings Late Winter.  1.24.16

Daylily Seedlings Mid Winter.  1.24.16
Most of the daylily seedlings look sad now.  The leaves have a loss of chlorophyll.  Some have brown leaves.

I wonder it they are just going dormant, or headed there.  It's either that, or some sort of ailment.

I don't know what drives daylily dormancy - daylength, intensity of sunlight, or temperature.  Some of these changes started while still under lights inside.  Not that cold, and daylength is 14 hours.

It's also possible that they reach a stage then stop, until the next season.

At least one of the brown-leaf plants has a crown of new growth.  Maybe it is dormancy.

It's so unseasonably warm outside, I moved them out doors for some rain and light and moving air.  Maybe they will do better, or die off. 

This is my first try with daylilies from seeds.  I don't know what to expect.


  1. Daniel, they don't look all that bad. You can expect some seedlings won't make it.
    For some reason I've been losing regular house plants--a spider the most recent. I did some minor replanting yesterday, as a matter of fact.

  2. They didn't look too bad. I think they maybe too crowded and the roots need more room and air. Your potting mix maybe too rich also. I don't think the daylight hrs or temp has anything to do with it. Yeah things that are grown indoor definitely needs air movements that can be a big factor too.

  3. Actually there are more seedlings than I will know what to do with, so if some don't make it, I won't complain.