Thursday, December 10, 2015

Soil Test Report. 12.8.15

Here is a summary of the soil test report from this week's test.  The area tested was the home orchard, and the report recommendations were based on that.  I had this done by in Burlington Washington.  Their reports seem very detailed and understandable.  The interpretation below is per their report.

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Soil Test report
Phosphorus 227 ppm =  very high
Potassium 431 ppm = very high
Calcium 1405 ppm = high
Magnesium 222 ppm = high
Boron 0.7 ppm = medium
Sulfur 3.7 ppm = medium

Organic matter 8.8% = high

Soluble salts 0.14 mS/cm  low
Zinc 1.7 ppm = high
Manganese 4.0 ppm = very high (normal is 0.7 - 1.4)
Copper 0.7 ppm = high
Iron 46.5 ppm = very high (normal is 2.5 to 5.0)

pH 5.31 (3 years ago this was 5.05)

They don't test nitrogen, stating it is too transient.

They recommend lime 44 pounds per 1000 square feet - if mixing to 8 inches deep, or 11-14 pounds if scattered on soil surface, nitrogen 2.3 pounds per 1000 square feet, and small amounts of borax and sulfur supplements.  They give recommended amounts of organic supplements, which is what I requested, as either blood meal, Alaska fish fert (46 pounds per 1000 sq feet - could get expensive and stinky), organic urea, 5 pounds per 1000 sq feet.  It's up to me to determine the peecycle amount.

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When tested 3 years ago, most was similar but  the pH is higher.  I did spread lime at that time.  That may explain the increase in pH and calcium since the last report.  I have not used any fertilizer other than peecycling.  I think back then they stated calcium was also low, and at that time also recommended some borax similar to this time.  I did not supplement borax.

Despite the low pH, most of the trees have done well.  Maybe they'll do better with further correction of the acidity.

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