Monday, December 14, 2015

Planting a Home-Grown Hollywood Plum Tree. 10.14.15

Hollywood Plum Cuttings at One Year.  Late 2014

Hollywood Plum Tree at 2 years.  12.14.15
Today I added a Hollywood Plum tree to my little orchard.  It's too good not to use.  I took cuttings early 2014, replanted the resultant little trees late 2014, and now have some nice trees.

The tree was minimally root bound.  I teased the out and trimmed the longest ones.

All new trees get the mulch, hardware cloth to repel voles, and fencing to repel deer.
Roots on Hollywood Plum Tree.  12.14.15

Planted, Hardware Cloth  Sleeve, Deer Fence, and Mulch.  12.14.15

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