Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trip to Quincy, ILCemetery

My parents' gravesites, Quincy IL

Cemetery Iris May 2010

Iris memento
Last weekend I paid my respects to my  parents. They died in 2009 and 2010, nine months apart.

It's been 3 years since I've been there.  Being ill, I made the trip short.  Fly in to St.Louis, stay overnight; drive to Quincy, visit the cemetery.  Return to St Louis for overnight, then fly back to Portland.

The grass has not filled in completely.  There is a lot of clover which helps.  Being fall, the leaves scatter the lawn.  It's nice.

After my mother's funeral, I walked around the cemetery and pondered graves, trees, and the general surroundings.  This was a clump of bearded iris there.

At the edge, there were some discarded plant trimmings.  That included a couple of shriveled rhizomes.  I brought back two small pieces as a memento.  They were discards.  They may require a few years to bloom.  I don't know if they match the cluster here.  If they do survive and grow, I will ponder them and appreciate where they originated.


  1. A lovely remembrance to your parents' graves. The iris memento of this place and occasion will bloom for you for years. May you have years of sweet memories filled with all your compassion and gentleness.

  2. I hope they bloom for you!

    RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

  3. They look like the heritage variety "Helen Collingwood". If they bloom, I have that variety to compare. It will be nice to have them, for that memory.