Sunday, October 06, 2013

Historic Bearded Irises. Order for next Spring.

Crimson King.  Old House Gardens
 This is my iris order from Old House Gardens.  Link is to the online catalog.  Based on this year's experience, most of them should bloom a couple of months after planting.  Most are compact, a few are larger.

I think, by planting actively growing rhizomes shortly prior to bloom, that sets them back a little.  But these varieties are not easy to find.   The rhizomes send last spring were healthy appearing, clean, and grew nicely.  And it's nice to see them bloom so soon after planting, even if not full size.  I liked the prior order, and have confidence I will like this one.
Dauntless.  Old House Gardens.

Frank Adams.  Old House Gardens.

Mrs. George Darwin.  Old House Gardens.

Plumeri.  Old House Gardens.

Rosy Wings.  Old House Gardens.

Wabash.  Old House Gardens.

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