Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon with bee

Rose of Sharon December 2012
 This is the Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus siriacus - that I moved from the Vancouver house to the Battleground place Dec 2012.  It was very late leafing out.  I thought I killed it.  Now it is covered with buds.

Growth this year was about 6 inches to 1 foot.  I imagine next year it will grow faster, having established new roots and adapted to the new location.  It is sunnier and more dry here, so it growth may be more compact.

The prior location was adjacent to the North side if the house.  Now it's in full sun.
Rose of Sharon seedling

I'm impressed with the resilience of some of the shrubs and trees that I moved last year.  It was difficult to get a good root mass from this shrub.  I've pruned it back each year to make it more bushy.  So the trunk was thick.  Even so, I cut about half of the growth.

The white flower, red center, is a seedling grown from the original shrub.  It is about 4 years old.  I planted it at the Battleground place as well.  Not many flowers this year.  Deer ate most of the buds.

The flower is larger than last year.  Might take a while to establish.  I think i like this one more than the original.

The only care these are getting now is some occasional watering.  I may add a deer cage for the winter.

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