Sunday, August 04, 2013

Clark County Fair

Antique equipment

Beekeepers Association

Antique saw and antique visitor


The goats were my favorite

Judging the goats.

More goats

I want some goats.

In the honey barn.

There were lots of llamas

More llamas.

We're a long way from Peru.

There's Ning.

Ning petting a goat.

Petting another goat.

Petting a chicken.  A strange looking chicken.

Petting a sheep.

He's thinking...  "How do I get out of here and into Daniel's garden?"


More Veggies.


  1. These photos are wonderful! Great looking goats; they would take care of your acreage along with your chickens. The rabbit would make a nice addition!

  2. I absolutely love your pictures of the fair! Im 45 now and the thoughts of our little county fair excited me! I cant wait until September!

  3. Joan, thank you for the comment! I loved the goats! My thoughts now, is they will be great companions when I retire.... still some time away. Those, and Indian Runner ducks. That would be fun.

    Vines, Thank you! Enjoy your fair. It's a great way to see what people are growing and raising.