Friday, April 05, 2013

Heritage Irises, continued

The bearded iris order did arrive, as I was typing the previous post.

The rhizomes were smaller than previous orders from other sources.

My thinking is these are mostly, or all, diploid. Most modern irises are tetraploid and would have larger rhizomes. In addition, West Coast irises are expected to be larger due to growing season.  I think.  These were from Michigan, and the shorter season may lead to smaller rhizomes.

The important thing for me is they grow and bloom.

Ning planted them for me. A very simple task to plant these small rhizomes. Digging in the raised bed, there was a sizable population of earthworms. They would start coming out of the ground a foot away from each hole.  Add some well aged compost mulch around each.  Ready to settle in.

According to Old House Gardens, these should bloom this year.  Considering the size and need to settle in, if these do bloom this year, that suggests the others,, which are already much bigger, should do the  same.  I would like that.

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