Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen "Before"

I"ve been planning the kitchen renovation for 10 years. The original plan was to do it myself. There isn't time. It's going to be faster and less long term hassle to contract out.  The extra shifts I am working will help with the extra cost.  Silver lining on a cloud.

The layout will change. Charlie is demonstrating the dining room. The wall dividing dining room from kitchen will go. It will be brighter and more roomy, but less formal.  We don't need, and don't use, formal.

There will be a small counter on the right.  I'll use a lighter color.  The original dining room was traffic signal red.  We painted it lime green.  That was ugly too, so I painted it this earthy brown.  I like the brown but it's too dark.  One thing about paint, it can always be repainted.

The old kitchen will go, but we'll keep the current dogs.  The floor will no longer match the dogs - it will be the same oak as the rest of the house.  I know, it will need to be kept clean.  I'm hoping that the better kitchen will keep me inspired to do a better job.  It worked with the bathrooms so I think it will work here.

We'll keep the cabinets and counter for the garage workshop / workbench.  That will be a big improvement too.  Recycle is good.

The mudroom will go. The wall, dividing current mudroom and kitchen, will go. I'm not sure where Baigou will sleep. He likes the basement family room.  That is an option. More likely the laundry room.  That will be downstairs in a formerly finished basement room, current junk room.

Charlie is demonstrating the Northern aspect of the kitchen.  It's better in the photo than it is in reality.  The sink will face the North-facing window instead of being in the corner.  There will be a real gas range, where the current dishwasher stands. 

It looks bright in the photo but is really cramped, difficult to maneuver around, and not so pleasant for cooking.  I like cooking and I think I will enjoy the change a lot.  It's really for Ning but it will be a real luxury for me too.

Baigou is sitting in the approximate location of the planned island.  That currently non-working oven will be replaced with a free-standing gas range with oven.  I've been waiting to replace the oven for 3 months.  The current oven quit working, but was never completely predictable.  The wall behind refrigerator and oven will go, that is the wall that divides kitchen from mudroom.

The fridge will be in a similar location, but in what is now the mudroom.  Also against that wall, a second, small sink for coffee machine and smoothie station.  Those are my luxuries.  I use them several times daily.  The smoothie blender is also the coffee grinder.  Having their own sink will be a nice touch.

Piña Colada Smoothie:  Start with one cup frozen pineapple chunks.  Full the cup to the top of the frozen pineapple with orange juice.  Add a couple tablespoons of flaked coconut.  Add 1/2 cup of silken tofu.  Blend about 10 seconds.  Check for big chunks and blend a few more seconds if they are too big.  I like small chunks.  It's like a piña colada ice cream or milkshake.  The exact amounts of ingredients don't matter.

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