Saturday, June 19, 2010

Orchids starting new growth

Still at a stage where I don't know if orchids will grow for me at not. I've noticed that novices like myself look for signs of life frequently. Is it planning to bloom? Is it growing? They grow slowly, so it's easy to feel like they are almost inert. A sign of life is very rewarding.

A few buds are starting to appear at bases of cattleya-type plants. New pseudobulb, but at this stage just buds. Still, they were not there before, so itlooks like this is a positive sign.

A few more buds. Iwanagaara Appleblossom, a Potinara, and and a Brasolaeliocattleya are all showing some new growth buds.

The next step, of course, is to nurture them into full size pseudobulbs, then to bloom.

Also an interesting and positive sign. When I repotted a purchased Cattleya walkeriana, there was a second tiny plant, with one leaf and a few tiny pseudobulbs. I repotted it separately. Here it is, now with a new bud. The leaf fell off - I think it was ready to go anyway. We'll see if this bud grows into a larger pseudobulb than the existing ones.

Iwanagaara Appleblossom "Fantastic". Still blooming. I'm impressed at how long the flower lasts.

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