Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kitchen Garden. A mess but there is hope.

This is Petite negri fig. Quite a few brebas, plumping up. This is another tree that attracts birds, so is covered with a net. Net on top, and the tanglefoot on the trunk for ants. There are lots of brebas on Lattarula, a few on Desert King, a few on Vancouver / Brunswick, and quite a few on Petite negri. Hardy Chicago lost its brebas but if last year is any indication, could be the most productive main crop.

I have 'pinched' all of the new growth at 3 to 5 nodes. Some area already producing embryonic main crop at the nodes.

I wondered if this mulberry would really start to grow. Maybe with the onset of sunny weather, it will take off. We'll see.

Sad looking peppers. Very sad. Rain and rain and rain and rain. They are blooming. Will they perk up?

Tomatoes, looking sad but now we are into sunny days again. I still hope they will perk up. Some have flowers. I've added stakes and started to tie them into place. I removed a few suckers.

The potatoes are lush and green in their barrels.

Some of the peas took off and grew. I better harvest a few tonite.

Peaches. The thinning worked well! Some are affected by leaf curl due to the extended rains, but overall they look good.

Lettuce looking nice in the barrel.

Cherries. Not in such great shape, but we should get some. They had a fantastic start, but those rains! Now covered with a net to keep out the birds.

It all looks quite messy. No time for weeding. Next weekend I guess.


  1. Nice blog. Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.

  2. What sort of peppers do you grow up there? The ones down here -- jalapeno, tabasco, anaheim, would not live in such a rainy, temperate climate.

  3. Stephanie,
    It's challenging growing them here. That's why I'm trying containers, for the following reasons:
    -soil is warmer, sooner
    -soil stays warmer through the season
    -controlled environment, easy to cover wtih plastic and give earlier start.

    Even so, I'm sure the crop here is much more restricted variety-wise, and fewer/smaller peppers.

    That said, I've had great success with Cayenne, Hungarian yellow, and some smaller bell-type. I did have one good year with tabascos, but haven't tried lately.