Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Tomatoes for 2010: first thoughts /catalog

Uh oh. Burpee catalog came. Temptation is SO strong. I think I will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

With tomatoes, I generally go with the following:

Traditional hybrid - for sentimental reasons, usually Better Boy 72 days.
Heritage Black - usually Cherokee Black or Black Krim, 80 days
Hybrid Yellow - usually Lemon Boy
Traditional Cherry - usually Supersweet 100, 70 days

Those are all highly reliable in my garden. Then, I usually add something new, mix of hybrid and heritage. From the Burpee catalog, here are my current temptations:

BrandyBoy Hybrid - Burpee states, 78 days, Brandywine with disease resistance and productivity added

Northern Exposure, 78 days, bred for cool short summers.

Fourth of July, 49 days, wow, that's early!

Black Pearl, 65 days, hybrid cherry

Red Lightening, 82 days, striped salad tomato, for novelty.

The list may change, but I like the variety, and combination of "old faithful" reliable, tasty varieties that I like plus some experimentation for earliness and novelty.


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  2. thank you for the information.