Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another Orchid

This one is a paphiopedilum (Lady Slipper) hybrid. It's not labeled, but looking at internet photos appears to be Paphiopedilum 'Copper Glow' as pictured here. Here's another one that looks similar, called "the Queen". No way to know for certain. The word to keep in mind is "Paphiopedilum Maudiae hybrids"

According to this site, this mottled-leaf Paphiopedilum should have a night temperature not below 60 degrees F. (preferably 65 degrees F.), and a day temperature of 75-85 degrees F; constantly moist or damp, but not soggy; bright window but protect from mid-day sun.

I think I can manage those conditions, although our house is a bit cooler day and night in the winter.

It's all a gamble. Still, I could be spending money on... gambling? Booze? Furthering my education? I'll gamble a bit on gardening for a while instead.

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