Saturday, August 01, 2009

What's blooming? Aug 1, 2009

With the recent heatwave, the flowers are showing some stress. I have not watered every day, but try to water the veggies and major flowers every other day. Mulch helps. The fruit trees get water once weekly. The fruit trees that I planted this year, get deep water every other day. The lawn is brown - better for the environment, and it's what I do every summer.

Most of the lilies are scorched. A few, in the shade, are looking better. The sunflowers are courtesy of the birds, who managed to spill seeds all over the place.

Bird-planted sunflower.

This lily in in the shade, on the North side of the house.

Rose-of-Sharon is an unsung hero of the flowering shrubs. Even with neglect, scorching heat, and less than ideal location, it's blooming like crazy.

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