Saturday, April 25, 2009

The State of the Figs

Every tree recovered from the coldest winter yet. A couple of Hardy Chicago twigs died, as did the tips of King. Most have quickly-growing embryonic brebas.

Vancouver (probable Brunswick).Lots of brebas. I hope that they develop!

Lattarula (A.K.A Lemon A.K.A. White Marseilles. This is the most brebas that it has had. So far I've never had one mature to ripeness, but it was in a container for the first 2 years, and last year had a late frost. I may have overpruned it last year as well. Esentially no pruning this year.

Hardy Chicago. Still too small to really call a 'tree'. Not many brebas. It's supposed to produce main crop quickly, so if it does that it will still be worth the garden space.

Petite negri. Lots of brebas. A few trials of grafts here and there, just to see if I can. They are not growing yet.

King. Only one breba, but this is only it's second season. This year if I get one, to taste, I'll be happy.

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