Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fruit Trees: status report.

Stella cherry. All of the cherries are in bloom.

4-variety pear. This is the first year that all varieties have bloomed.

North Pole Apple. I was concerned that I had removed all of the flowerring buds, but if just one per spur sets fruit, there will be plenty.

For other fruits:

All of the fig trees have at least miniscule buds. Even the new "Desert King", only a foot tall, has 1 or 2 breba embryos and a tiny tuft of leaves at the top. The Lattarula has 1 or 2 brebas, and mostly tiny, approximately 1mm new buds on all branches. The other fig trees have slightly larger buds, the largest being on "Vancouver" with multiple brebas.

The peaches have a major case of leaf curl. My attempts at prevention via multiple sprays of neem were not successful. Some branches appear to be dying. Remind me next fall to COVER the peach trees to prevent leaf curl. The new peaches have bloomed but given that they were just started this year as bare-root trees, Im not sure what I'll do if they set fruit.

The Aprium looks mostly dead after a hard frost. The Chinese apricot, which started blooming later, looks alive but Im not sure about fruit set.

Looks like not a good year for stone fruit.

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  1. Hello, I have been buying fruit plants from a mailorder Nursery /garden center in Ireland "Milliways nurseries". I dont get much fruit from the plants but my neighbour had bought the same plants from the same place and he has an abundance with he loves to rub in..

    I just dont know if im doing it right or if my soil is wrong. I also loose a lot of what i do get to the Birds. I tried nets but the starlings and rooks seem to be quite smart.

    I have the space to grow much more but i think i dont have such green fingers.

    Any comment would be great many thanx. I put the url in in case you need to see the plants.