Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ning' photos. Baigo the Poodle. Pink Cherry.

Note to self: time to get rid of that stress weight. It's one thing to acknowledge the maladaptive behavior of stress eating. But time is time. I DID bike to work friday, and will do so monday. At least then, I'm too tired to feel some of the stress.
Baigo is handsome, if not too bright.
This cherry is one of my favorite trees. I've been trying to do some corrective pruning, to repair the "butch haircut" that previous owners bestowed upon it. It's finally starting to look a bit more natural. Once the flowers stop, I'll do a little more thining of the 'witches broom' look that resulted from that haircut, and take out some dead branches. That's about all. Posted by Picasa


  1. Baigo certainly IS handsome! Is he a standard poodle? We had one when I was a child-nice dogs.

  2. Yes, Baigo is a standard poodle. People often don't realize that, due to the athletic haircut. Affectionate and lively. Not too bright, though. So much for the breed being one of the most intelligent!