Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gardening Challenges: Anigozanthos ink leaf disease, peach leaf curl, frost damage, weeds.

Again the title says it all.
This Anigozanthos (Kanga red-green) looks like it's about to bite the dust. The dreaded "ink disease" would be the culprit. After taking the photo, I gave this plant a 'butch haircut" even though I just sprayed it with neem. It is moved to a dry location under the eages, but I have strong doubts about it's prognosis. The other anigozanthos, a yellow one and a burgandy one, are doing well (the burgandy plant is indoors at the office).
Frost damage: a few roses, a magnolia seiboldei that has only had one flower in 5 years, and the petite negri fig.
Weeds may be getting ahead of me. Some coming up in the leaf compost - not surprising, and probably not much of a problem. Dandelions are bloming. Should I spray the dandelions with vinegar? Maybe next week.Posted by Picasa

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