Friday, October 20, 2006

Bathroom Remodel, what it took to get started

The initial plan was to start Nov 2005 with nhopes to finish by Christmas. A trip to Home Depot and their designer resulted in a plan and a visit from a general contractor, but the contractor was unable to give an estimate, despite several calls, until we gave up in January. I suspect that there are so many big projects (housing boom) that no one is willing to take on a small project like a bathroom.

A contractor was identified via a co-worker; he stated that a designer was needed. A designed was also identified via a coworker - $$$ later, the estimate came through at $45,000 for the 2 bathrooms. After I picked up my jaw from the floor, it was time to read and learn to do it myself. (Wild guess, I'm thinking $2,500 for the guest bath, maybe $4,000 for the master bath).

There are lots of books available. Everything was measured at least twice. Plans were drawn up from the original bathroom. Using the bathroom remodel book, plans were drawn to scale of the new bathrooms.

We decided to do one at a time, so that we would have at least one working bathroom through the entire project.

I found the city web site, took the plans there, and got a permit. Not as bad as I thought. We are still looking for electrical and plumbing contractors, but that doesnt look too difficult either.

The project, very roughly, looks like this:

1. The guest bathroom will be de-constructed down to the studs and tub.
2. Then the new wall will be framed in.
3. Wiring and plumbing will be placed for the new fixtures. This part will require electrician and plumber (Thanks for
4. City inspection.
5. New walls, ceiling to be installed.
6. Tile the walls.
7. Install fixtures.
8. Tile the floor.

There are probably a couple of other inspections involved, but that is the rough plan for the project.

The plans are hard to read here - I need to learn how to scan documents. Another day.

Existing bathrooms.

New floor plan

Layout for East wall and fixtures, Guest Bathroom.

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