Monday, September 04, 2006

Late Summer Cleanup. Vitals.

Since I'm on call this weekend and could potentially have to return to work, the day was spent puttering and doing late summer cleanup. Some painting was done, some weeds pulled, some deadheading.

This is the ginkgo seedling that I planted to replace the dying monkey puzzle. The seed was planted 6 or 7 years ago in a Chicago apartment, and transported to Vancouver 5 years ago. The original plan was to create a large bonzai-type tree. However, the need for attention (primarily the need not to miss watering) makes it safer to plant in the ground, so here it is.

Irises were dug and replanted. Dividing and replanting is needed about every 3 to 5 years. I already gave away a number of starts. Now was time to cut out the old rhizomes and replant. Irises are said to like lime, so several handfulls of crushed eggshells were mixed into soil.

The strawberry bed was cleaned up and thinned. Some plants were moved to the border of the tomato bed. I read that the leaves should be removed in July and cleaning done then, so I'm about 1 1/2 months late - but if they don't make it, it's not a big loss. Looks bare now but I suspect that they will fill in. They were too closely planted, and it was hard to locate strawberries. I may thin them some more.

Vitals today: 205.5# (lowest this year) BP=136/88 HR=68 Posted by Picasa

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