Saturday, September 16, 2006

Genetic Dwarf Peach "Garden Gold"

This "tree" is in its first bearing year, second year in this garden (but only 3 peaches). As with a lot of garden fruits, they taste more like one would expect from a peach, compared to the grocery store type. They are quite "peachy" and sweet.

The tree doesnt take up much space in the garden. Near it is a "Honey Babe" which is 5 years old, and is about 5 feet tall and 4 feet across at the top. It bore last year but not this year.

These trees are covered with pink flowers in the Spring. I keep saying that even if they dont have any peaches, they are worth it for their appearance. But I do want the peaches.

There is a good Mother Earth news article about these miniature trees. It has lost some of its formatting, but is still interesting to read. These trees are very dwarf, due to a loss of length of stem between nodes - instead of several inches between notes, there is only about a millimeter between nodes. They are said to be very high yielding - much more than the same amount of orchard space with larger trees.

The biggest hurdle to fruit, in this climate, is leaf curl. This disease strikes in Spring just after blooming. I tried a lime sulfur spray last winter and Spring, and it might have helpd some, but I think that the reason that there were so few fruits is that this disease strikes just when blossoms are setting. It may be possible to cover the trees during the winter to prevent this problem (I dont have faith in this approach) or a different (still organic) spray. Posted by Picasa

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