Thursday, October 12, 2017

First Turnip.  10.12.17
First turnip from the ones I planted this summer in July in a raised bed.  Looking good.  Nice flavor, crisp, not at all woody.


  1. We get worms or something in them, and I think the voles chew on the top of the turnip. Do you eat the greens? They aren't as easy to prepare as collards, or mustard, but probably my favorite.

    1. Jafar, I think slugs get into some of mine, then worms follow. Could also be voles, which also chew on any potatoes that stick up and some that don't. I also like the greens. I read somewhere, that Chinese Cabbage is actually a variation of turnip green but without the turnip. I forget where I read that. More often, the chickens get to eat the turnip greens, which are too plentiful for us. I think the eggs benefit from any leafy vegetable, giving richer yolk.

  2. I now prefer turnip greens then mustard greens. It brings back memories as a child in Baton Rouge that the school lunch will have them all the time! Just taste so good and good for you.