Friday, December 23, 2016

Seeds for Kitchen Garden. 12.22.16

 What have I done?
These are the seed order from Baker Creek heirloom and open pollinated seeds.

There are a couple of bonus packets.

I'm not planning to be as experimental this year but there will be a few new varieties.  I'm also adding some annual flowers to the vegetable beds.  In some cases that might translate to "deer food" but it's all a gamble.

 I have a big box of seeds from previous years to go through as well.   I will also go through that.  They are filed in envelopes based on type, such as "carrots" and "squash" etc.

Baker Creek is my first-line go-to source of seeds these days.  After the seed box.

The onions will be first, to start in Jan or Feb.  I wil also have some better storage onions seeds to start then as well, those from Territorial Seeds.  Both companies are family owned.


  1. I like carnations but most of the time, the packaged ones doesn't come true to variety. One of the most disappointing thing to plant and wait for it to bloom and wasted my space. The best carnations are the ones from the florist bouquet that I took the blooms off and use the stem for cuttings. My mother-in-law have the biggest red carnations with long stems which she propagates and make more plants of very easily and she's not much of a gardener.
    This coming spring, will plant some seeds that I got from the school next door to the community garden. The kids were planting some pepino melon/Pepino Dulce (Solanum muricatum which looks like a lemon cucumbers. I gave my neighbor some manzano pepper plants and he gave me this tree tomato fruit to try which tasted like a tomato and guava. Kind of really strange, taste like both a fruit and a vegetable. I saved the seeds and will plant them. I'm exciting about those new fruits because the tomato is only a small harvest. I've planted the ground cherry/cape gooseberry which is taken over the space and the shark melon which is a big hit with my Asian friends and family. I'm planting more of those.

    1. We'll see what happens with these. I have not grown carnations before. I hope they are fragrant.