Saturday, May 21, 2016

Follow up for Transplanted Bamboo. 5.20.16

Following up bamboo clumps that I transplanted in January and February. These were dug with combinaton of Sawzall demolition saw, and shovel. They were planted, mulched with wood chips, and had a dose of organic nitrogen fertilizer given during Spring rains. All but one of the clumps have been growing new canes (culms), some larger than others and some quite small. New cane growth indicates the clumps settled in and established.  Bamboo should not grow if it's not established.

I think none of the new canes outsizes the largest of the transplanted ones.  That will likely happen next year.  Some are about 10 feet tall now, so growth is significant.

Even small chunks that I planted, thinking they wouldn't grow, have produced at least tiny canes.

The timber bamboo in the chicken yard does not have new growth yet.  I don't know if it will need another year, or is just later to grow.
Bamboo clump dug 1.30.16

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