Saturday, February 22, 2014

Orchid Progress Report. Yamamoto Dendrobium. 2.22.14

Yamamoto-type Dendrobium nobile
This Yamamoto Dendrobium was in the kitchen East window sill at the Battleground place, for the summer.  I brought it to Vancouver when flower buds started.

Based on comparison to web photos on the Yamamoto Dendrobium site, I think this is Fancy Angel "Lycee".  The plant for is quite different, due to my growth conditions.  I leave old canes in place, too, for nutrient storage by the plant and because it makes me think of how the plant might look growing in the wild.  Although these are such refined hybrids, nothing like them would be in the wild.  This was originally a Trader Joe orchid, probably 5 or more years ago.

Dendrobium nobile Spring Dream "Apollon"
 Added this Dendrobium nobile from Trader Joes.  I looks like Spring Dream "Apollon".  Since I am not producing or selling them, I will label it as such.   Taller and robust.

Here is an unlabeled Miltoniopsis hybrid bought a few weeks ago.  Continues to bloom.  The entire bathroom is fragrant from this flower.  Also Trader Joe.  Possibly "Maui Sunset".

Dendrobium nobile and Miltoniopsis hybrid

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