Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chickens, rhodendrons, cat.

We cut down about half of the timber bamboo today.  More sunlight for the chickens, and it was entirely too congested.  From that came about 20 really big bamboo poles.  Some are 12 feet long and 3 or 4 inches diameter.  They give nice shade to the hens, and the hens fertilize the bamboo.  We trimmed the leaves from the poles, they make great chicken straw.  Plus, unlike real straw, it's free.  The mud around the bamboo is now covered with about  inches of bamboo leaves too.  That will make for cleaner eggs.  The poles will go into the garage to cure for a year then who knows what use?

Two new residents in the Chicken bamboo plaza.  One of the older hens might retire soon.  No real plans, as long as they all get along.

Ning at the rhododendron garden in Portland.

Some of the bunches of rhodies are as big as my head.
At the Portland rhododendron garden today. Lovely place.

There are lots of ducks there too.

Back home again. Kitty Cat being a cat.

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