Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back on line. What's blooming?

Desktop computer died. Camera seemed to be taking fuzzy pics. Got new camera. For some reason, laptop started displaying all instructions in Chinese - not helpful at all. Rebuild laptop from scratch. Whew! Almost back in business. Need better program to crop and edit pics. Here are the 1st ones from new camera.

Charlei got a haircut. He's my #1 buddy, always.The earliest narcissus are blooming. I think these are "jetfire".

Hollywood plum is blooming. This is the first plum to bloom. Bonanza peach and Trilite peach-plum are almost open as well. We had frost yesterday am, but it looked like it didn't frost the buds.
As things start working again, I hope to have more posted. Front bed renovations are 80% completed.

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