Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out in the yard

Pieris is blooming. It's easily taken for granted, but what else blooms in early february? I like the old name, Andromeda.

I transplanted this oriental poppy from a hidden, inconvenient spot. I grew it from seeds about 8 years ago. Nice big red flower. The inspiration was, my grandfather grew poppies from seeds. Something tells me he thought they were opium poppies. They're not! I've been beleiving they're too sensitive to be transplanted, but I don't know where I got that idea. The plant and its roots looks a lot like a dandelion, which can be chopped off and regrow, so maybe it's more resilient than I thought. I hope so.

These are some of my "Quincy" chinese chives, descendents of plants I grew from seeds 40 years ago. I left on the dried flowers to mark the spot and protect new shoots, but I like the appearance of new plants coming up through the dried stems.

Shiro plum. Closer.... closer.....

Radishes planted 3 weeks ago in barrel. The chicken wire is there to reduce cat and squirrel digging. Seems to help.

Close up of radishes. It's been raining.

Chinese chives in barrel planter. These clusters are about 5 years old. This is a promise of dumplings in March or April.

Helleborus. The flowers tend to droop, so it's good to grow them in a raised location, such as a retaining wall. Quite pretty. And blooming in early February. Cool!

This helleborus is even droopier... and prettier.

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