Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Schlumbergeras are starting to bloom

This salmon colored Schumbergera is usually the first to bloom. This year I took some cuttings from this plant, they are just beginning to make buds. This plant was left unattended for a couple of months this summer, under the grape vine. It might be more prolific now, but I can't complain.

These tend to make buds on the side facing the window. I suppose if I turned them more often they would have buds all around.

All of these were summered outside, some under the grape arbor and some on the North side of the house, where they received some morning and some evening sun, but not midday. I watered them when I remembered to do so. Most years I'm more attentive, but they don't seem to mind. Others are just beginning to make buds, so there will be Schlumbergera flowers for at least 2, maybe 3, months.

In their own way, these are as colorful and exotic as orchids. In fact, they are epiphytic and originate in Brazil, in some of the same general areas as some orchids. I may not appreciate them enough, because I'm so accustomed to them. But it's always great when they bloom.

I don't know orchids well enough yet to know if some are as easy as Schlumbergera - maybe so. There is more diversity of flower. I'm glad I don't have to choose, these are all great exotic indoor bloomers that brighten up the shortening days.

This pink one is newer. I wish they had name tags, but as it is I have to accept them for who they are.

A little lopsided, but that's fine. It's really beautiful.

These are supposed to be "Christmas cactus" or "Holiday cactus" or "Thanksgiving cactus" . The "Christmas cactus" label is really a different species but these are sometimes given that label. I prefer the genus name, otherwise what would these be - Columbus Day cactus?

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  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Wow they're beautiful ... nice site

    I live by the ocean in Los Angeles and just splurged a couple days ago on orchids that he told me would survive on my balcony with not a lot of sun. I only mention this because your first page looks like they are much happier being shined upon. I don't blame them, they deserve it. We need SUN here ... well not sun .. just heat. I love the rain we have gotten but I wish it was a warm moist rain.

    Last 2 years have been freezing and dank compared to when I grew up. We are becoming the East Coast and the East Coast is becoming what the West Coast used to be.

    Anyway then I went looking for some 3-10-10 Red to feed them with because the back of the blue jar 6-30-30 was the only one they had. Oh no that's right there was one with less urea ? too. It recommends the blue when they ae dormant from September thru Feb.

    Its probably alright if I give the blooming Cymbidium (it's very tall) some of this blue I got. Or would it prefer the little sticks of feeder that you push down in the soil and then water.

    I am going to look for the other type of orchids that I bought, if I recognize it on your site.

    Your "Schlumbergeras" are such a beautiful coral peach fuscia mix of colors .. WOW

    And they look so much happier in the sun gosh darnit.

    Truly was not fishing for help or answers. I am glad your site came up first to my Google query of "Bloom formula 6-30-30". I will now search for it specifically on your site and see what you say.

    Thanks again for the nice site.

    I love these references .. written and also in picture form like you have around your roots on your front page ... of bark. Or wood. And then I look into the flower pots I bought and sure enough there is bark or wood strips. I am sure it is something about moisture or absorption of perhaps some bark component.

    What is amazing to me is these - almost the most beautiful flower category for me at least ... flourish just like human beings do with "less is more".

    I sure have to learn that better though I was lucky enough to hear it often enough growing up from Mom!