Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Handsome self-reliant sedums giving fall bloom

These sedums have been growing here for several years now. The clumps enlarge each year. I have a few in shady spots - not good, they are leggy and fall over. These, in containers or in the yard, grew with minimal (container) or no (in ground) watering this summer. The flowers aren't flashy, but quite handsome and the bees love them.

In a strawberry jar, with smaller sedums and sempervivum in the side pockets. Minimal watering needed, and in full sun.

Same idea as the other strawberry jar. This variety has burgundy leaves.

There was no chance this summer to keep this area clean and watered. The sedum didn't care, and is now quite handsome.

Sedums are great for areas where water conservation is needed, sunny spots, and are also fully freeze tolerant. For the large, bushy types, here aren't a lot of choices when it comes to flower color, but the honeybees enjoy then as they are.

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