Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitchen Garden: Tomatoes

As of today, 9 tomato plants are planted in the new back yard tomato beds. These were beans and garlic last year. Many of the garlic bulbs were missed and came up again. I don't know if they will give decent garlic cloves - but there they are.

The tomato plants were becoming leggy, although a week of indoor/outdoor life had them stickier than they were. It's still too early. With climate change, or random events, is Spring earlier this year?

Most of the The Wall-o-Water units were left over from previous years. I had 3 that were very leaky, so will discard. I bought 3 new ones today. I did not use them last year, but in previous years, they did protet the plants and gave a big boost of growth, early.

Today, temperature inside the Wall-o-Water at ground level was 60F. I forgot to check the soil temperature before planting, but I think it must be above 55F. By legend, if the soil is warm enough to sit on with your bare bottom, then it's OK to plant tomatoes. I don't have a soil thermometer, I just use a room thermometer with a plastic case.

Planted: Lemon Boy (2), Cherokee Purple (2), Better Boy (2), SuperSweet-100, 4th of July, and Northern Exposure. I have a few smaller plants remainig, will likely plant another SuperSweet-100, a Black Pearl, and a Black Truffle.

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