Thursday, November 26, 2009

Better pics of home office / solarium / guest room

I "shoulda" taken some "before" pics. This project is done. Might add a mirror to the bare wall to further brighten the room. By creating a dedicated home office, now I hope "not-to" spend time looking for cell phone, ipod, keys, glasses, ID/office key, because they now have a home. I will endeavor not to let it become cluttered. That way I can find what needs to be found. Desktop computer still needs to be moved.

I refinished the old table about 30 years ago. I've spent many years studying at this table - makes me feel at home. It belonged to my great aunt, and her parents, so is about 100 years old. Not a valid antique because I refinished it, but it's usable and has beautiful oak grain.

The plant stand and coffee table are glass top. Intentional - clean with some windex, no effort. The sofa folds out, in case there are guests. Now I have a bright, cheerful, comfortable, oganized place for the long hours of homework, as well as a guest bedroom and a place for my indoor garden. Cool!

The west window is shaded by a deciduous tree. Lack of leaves lets in more light in winter. Leaves keep it cool in summer. Perfect place for my orchid "experiment" and epiphytic cacti.

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