Thursday, June 04, 2009

Weekend To Do List

This week, temp in the 70s to low 90s. Warm for this time of year. Most of the yard is growing like crazy. Some important items not to forget this weekend -

Clear an area around each tomato plant. Volunteer cilantro grew like crazy, and is impinging on the 'personal space' of the tomato plants. Time for some salsa.

Start pruning tomato suckers and start the first ties for cordon growing.

Mow lawn. Obvious.

Photos for blog, what's blooming, peaches, cherries, figs.

Net for cherry trees.

This weekend will also be the time to apply cement backerboard to the bathroom subfloor. This project needs to get underway again.

It's too warm now for transplanting - plans to move hostas will be delayed for next fall or spring.

Every day I inspect the epiphytic cacti - one has been SO close to blooming. The first time for that one, so I don't know how big it will be. Get out the camera!

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