Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fig Grafting. More from Eisen's 1901 book.

Additional information from Eisen's book, available from Google online here. I was interested due to the grafting information. In the Gardenweb Fig Forum, contributers state that grafting is difficult or can't be done. It's exciting to see that the method used successfully in the 19th century are what I recently tried. Who knows if they will take, still too early.

My copies & editing are awkward, but get the point across.

Interesting - here, thought not to be difficult! Cool!

Close to how I cut scions, so I have some hope that's a good sign.

I grafted scions onto small rootstock. It could be that mature branches are needed. However, the intent is different. I'm not topworking a mature tree.

Here's a mature tree that resulted from topworking.

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