Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fruit tree order

Maybe it's way too early. I ordered 2 new fruit trees today for planting this winter. Last year's trees came in January, which was an ideal time to plant them.

The new trees are plums. I don't think that I can copy the photos because they are copyrighted, so here are the links -

Shiro plum. Stark's has a lush photo of Shiro plums here. Dave Wilson Nursery gives some more details here. Details that went into this choice are: I've eaten them and they are very good. Those were locally grown. They are self pollinating. That may not be important since they'll be near an aprium and another Japanese plum.

Hollywood plum.

Obviously from the links, they are from Raintree Nursery. Based on older blog entries, my 2007 fruit trees arrived mid february 2008 - and they've grown great.

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