Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kitchen Garden Log

This is the 5th batch of beans. Not bad. Cukes are producing nicely as well. 4 this week - that's all we can keep up with. About 4 feet square of garden 'footprint' due to the wire tower. Cuke started from seed produced BEFORE the purchased plants.

This is a mixture of German Red (smaller heads), Inchelium (larger) and miscellaneous garlics that I pulled up around the yard. Some of those are from grocery store garlic that was planted years ago. I think that the German Red has the most flavor, but the heads are about 1/2 as large as the Inchelium.

Inchelium Red Garlic. This was very productive. Most is hanging in a dry basement room.

White Potato Onion = heirloom multiplier onion. I manage to save enough each year for a small crop. I would like to have a much larger crop but space is an issue. I've been saving starts and 'recycling' them into next years' onions for 6 years.

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