Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chores, sharing, fall update

No photos today.

Steve from Scappose is now in possession of most of my remaining 'orphan' figs - they were not doing so well in containers, there is no room in the garden, so I'm glad that they have found a home. good luck and farewell, Brown turkey, melanzana, and a Hardy Chicago. He brought a nice canna to add to the collection.

Figs are bearing about 1 per day, enough to keep me interested and grateful. thoughts for next year's figs: I wont worry about summer crup. I'll prune more severely in the Winter, for an earlier main crop. Maybe Lattarulla will bear an actual fig now that it's in the ground, on the SOuth side of the house. It will also get a more severe pruning.

Grapes are still bearing, remaining varieties are Canadice and probable Niagra. The probable Niagra is a green seeded grape that grew up into a cherry tree.

Tomatoes have a few stragglers.

Planted several rows of Inchelium garlic in back, and a few German Red garlic in front. I might like the german better.... stronger and larger cloves, but not as productive. Last year i planted them 3 or 4 weeks earlier. Didnt have time until now.

Planted heirloom Yellow multiplier onions, this time some in small bunches for scallions, and some in rows for eating onions. About 30 planted altogether, not a lot but there isnt much room. I do like the flavor. Last year i planted them 3 or 4 weeks earlier. See above.

Planted 80 tulip bulbs in bunches of 3 to 5.

There were 6 nice large cayenne peppers on one pepper plant. Nice little harvest.

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