Sunday, July 15, 2007

Progress notes, mid July

Too much going on to concentrate on my favorite activity - gardening. Fortunately is is semi-self-maintaining. Weeds are growing in the dormant lawn, so it's messy. I have been watering the 'at risk' life almost daily (tomatoes, contanerized plants) due to hot weather. Not watering most shrubs or roses. Without generous mulch, much of it applied over several years; increased humus from bark, compost, and leaves, and some selective pressure (plants not adapted to this situation don't make it), it would have be a disaster this year. As it is, it's messy but not beyond hope.

The plan for tomorrow is to bike to work. In retrospect, I could have today, but sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. Not that I dont love doing it - I do. But the body needs to regenerate a little from time to time. Just as I cant be a "fundamentalist organic gardener" or a "fundamentalist vegetarian" (although people accuse me of both), I can't be a "fundamentalist bike commuter" either. But as in many things, every little bit adds up.

So far we have had 4 zucchinis (yummy, buttery falvor), uncountable raspberries, uncountable strawberries, a few dozen apriums, and tonight I had the first of the Inchelium Red garlic (pasta, crushed raw garlic, olice oil, and parmesan. That's all. Makes me feel all warm inside). Also a few crops of Chinese Chives, made into dumplings; some bunches of cilantro.

Time for bed if I'm going to bike. Early=beats traffic (not that ther is much on my route anyway), cool morning breeze, not hectic.

This agapanthus was grown from seed, plated 5 years ago. It took about 3 years to the first blossom, and others planted at the same time were lost. There is something very cool about growing somethinglike this from seeds.
Cucumbers starting to climb the obelisk (with substantial help).
Is it Xmas yet? This Xmas cactus is blooming.
Despite all of the hybrids, the oriential species lilies are still my favorite - possible my favorite of all flowers (at least in July). This bunch started as one bag (3 bulbs?) about 4 years ago. It's fairly dry tolerant and is spreading a little every year.
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  1. Hello. I found your blog on Garden Web about figs.

    I am one of those strange people who like to try a variety of different things. (from a gardening perspective) I am really interested in growing/producing my own figs, and while I could wade through the morass of 'Google-search', I was hoping you may have some information repositories that could save me several weeks of searching, and a couple of years of growing.


  2. What in particular would you like to know? I dont claim to be expert but have been learning about figs for a few years now. Happy to help if you have some questions.