Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Planting Winter Seeds. 2.15.17

 I'm being adventurous and planting some winter-starting seeds for the kitchen garden beds.  The first batch, mesclun, arugula, radish blend, lettuce blend.  I used up old radish seeds by mixing them with the newer ones.  If the old ones don't grow, then the plants will be further apart which is good.  I usually overplant seeds.  If they do grow, that's fine, I'll just thin to the appropriate distance.

These seeds went into cement-block
raised beds that are warmer than surrounding ground-level soil.  A week ago, I scattered wood ashes on the soil and mixed thoroughly.  There have been some rains since then to dissolve the minerals.   A longer time would be better but this is what I have.

Last year I planted Fava beans and snow peas about now, and they were very healthy and vigorous and productive.  This time I'm planting them in a standard raised bed that had tomato plants last year.  That bed was given a dose of lime about 2 months ago. 


  1. I've scatter wood ashes on my soil too. It seems to be very nourishing to the soil, there's a significant growth on the weeds on the wood ashes part.

    1. Thanks for your experience. I'm never sure it makes a difference, but I have the ashes and my soil is acidic, so I don't feel like it's hurting, either.

  2. I've seen a product out there called "biochar" which I think its just tree and other green material burned to ash. I've never try that but why buy it if we have it for free already.